I am often asked about developing recipes with a) very few ingredients and b) minimum work. I am all in favour of this as long as I don’t have to use some of the associated terminology. While trawling through websites and Facebook groups for market research purposes I too often…
Fast Pressure Release
And a pressure cooked bread and butter pudding to use it in.
How to release pressure naturally. (And a bit on why you might want to leave your cooker closed for longer than it takes to drop pressure too).
I have been away most of this week, demoing pressure cooking to a lovely crowd in Paignton and made the most of a couple of days by the sea with bracing…
By now I am hoping that you a) have a pressure cooker and b) have taken it out the box? Let’s now look at using it for the first time. First of all…
This is based loosely on my mother-in-law’s jeera aloo recipe, which appears in my first pressure cooker book, although Shariq (husband) says it is more…
I am not being trite, I promise. I have heard a fair few stories – some of them from you – about pressure cookers and other kitchen gadgets purchased…
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Catherine is under pressure