Btw, today‘s (27.5.23) Ottolenghi steaming recipes from the Guardian are perfect for pressure cooking. Rather than steaming eggplant for 20 min in a conventional pot, I have steamed it for

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First, I completely agree with you on oven use. All those oven risotto recipes drive me bonkers!

Second, what is the diameter (and make) of your pressure frying pan? Asking because my pressure cookers are all 22 cm, which means I have to steam my (white) asparagus standing up in my 6-liter pot - otherwise I‘d have to cut the ends off, and that would be a pity. So is your pan wider than 22 cm?

Lastly, re your recipe: you don’t peel the ends of your green asparagus? I don‘t cook it very often (prefer white) but the ends of the ones I have cooked with have been quite woody - I don‘t think even pressure cooking would have softened them enough without peeling.

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